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Kathy Svilar

Anyone who knew Kathy Svilar as a cheerleader and homecoming queen could have predicted her career path. The POM POM girl became the cheerleader for major Pittsburgh grocery store chain, Shop 'n Save. From the J.C. Penney's teen board, to a whirlwind tour with Miss USA, to the Penney's regional ad department, Kathy learned the key to success...” someone along the way has to sell something.”  

As the Monroeville Mall Promotion Director, Svilar's skills as a writer/ producer and event planner created the opportunity to put her marketing experience to work. From 1983 to 2003, as the television spokesperson for Shop 'n Save, Kathy and the grocery store created a brand that was built on integrity and Pittsburgh pride. Now, years later, kathy is still known and recognized as the “Shop n Save Lady.”  Since the J.C. Penney days, she has produced hundreds of commercials, print ads, billboards and radio shows for clients across the country.

Currently Kathy provides the voice for PPG Corning telephone systems as well as narrations and voice overs for many companies. Kathy is hosting a television talk show, “Sister 2 Sister” for Cornerstone Television Network (CTVN.org) and continues to write and produce infomercials and web video for clients.Recording studio available with professional editing and mixing, or V/O on MP3 or WAVE file via email.  Samples of production can be found on You Tube channel KMS Advertising or search KathySvilar.

Kathy Svilar


Svilar is a decidedly rare breed of product spokesperson, for whom the words friendly and exuberant might have been invented.
—  Barbara van Cheri, Pittsburgh Post Gazzette

What I am here to tell you is that Kathy is not as nice as she appears on TV...she is nicer.
—  Leslie Rubinkowski, Pittsburgh Press

It’s not so much about what Kathy does, but the way people respond to what she does.
—  Joanne Giovannini, St. Catherine of Sweden Church

Though she is the proud owner of adorable brown eyes and a bright disarming smile, she’ll never be mistaken for a Hollywood movie starlet..yet she is regularly besieged by adoring fans whenever she sets foot outside her Monroeville home.
— Gary Rhoades, Pittsburgh Business Times
It was such. Your performance this year was astonishing! When I got home last night, I kicked off my shoes, sat down in my big chair, flicked on the TV and there you were!
—  Donna K. Gibson, Fashion in Bloom